Hotel Mayfair

We believe that we must all work together to ensure a sustainable future. We are working on several initiatives aimed at bringing about positive environmental change.

Hotel Mayfair

Green key certified

At Hotel Mayfair, we are dedicated to sustainable hotel operations, and as a demonstration of our commitment, we have earned the Green Key certification. This certification symbolizes our commitment to responsible environmental standards and ensures that we maintain the highest level of eco-friendliness across all our operations.

Breeam certified

We recently embarked on our ongoing sustainability journey by obtaining our BREEAM Certification. BREEAM stands as the recognized benchmark for green buildings across Europe and the UK. This certification process involves a thorough assessment utilizing a scoring system to evaluate the hotel’s performance across a spectrum of categories, encompassing Energy, Transport, Water, Waste, Pollution, Health & Wellbeing, Land Use & Ecology, Materials, Innovation, and Management.

Danish Wind Energy • Danish Wind Energy •

We have chosen wind energy produced on Nordic wind turbines

All our energy consumption is fuelled by 100% environmentally certified wind energy, which is both renewable and CO2 neutral. Our energy source is generated through Danish wind power. We have saved a total of 154,6 tonnes of CO2 in 2022. That is equal to 154 one-way flights from Paris to New York. 

Waste Management

We’ve upgraded our trash game! Now, we sort waste into 15 categories, ranging from your leftover food to ink toner, each department now has its recycling station. Next project? Making recycling EASY for you! Just place your cans, glass, and plastics next to the trash in your room, and we’ll handle the rest! More recycling bins are coming too, so you can keep it green wherever you are in our hotel.


Good news! We’re protecting the environment one flush at a time! Our toilets are designed to use less water, so you can say goodbye to water waste! We also installed NEW showerheads that save water without losing the rain shower experience! Plus, drinks are on us! We’ve got 2 water stations in the hotel, where you can quench your thirst with still or sparkling water.


We’ve made our hotel green as can be! Just pop your room key in to turn the lights on and out when leaving. Our hallways even have motion sensors to save energy. We swapped out old bulbs for LED ones to reduce our electricity bill.

Food Waste

Our green commitment is unwavering! That’s why we’ve brought on board the eSmiley system, where we monitor our food waste and make sure to adjust accordingly, to make the most of our offerings.

Sustainable Food

We’re keeping it local! We love our community, and that’s why we’re using as many Danish or European sourced products as possible in all our departments. Doing this means fewer deliveries, so we’re not only supporting ourselves but doing our part for the environment too. No more hangry vegetarians or vegans, cause our breakfast has you covered. Our foodie team is always cooking up better recipes and searching for fresher seasonal ingredients.

Chemicals & Linen

We’re committed to promoting sustainability! That’s why we’re proud to partner only with housekeeping and laundry brands approved by Nordic Swan and using approved eco-label chemicals to keep our carbon footprint low. We’re mindful of minimizing waste, so housekeeping services your room only when you make a request. We use Verdi Sand linen, expertly crafted from organic cotton, and certified with an EU-flower scheme to reduce our impact on the environment.


We have zero one-time plastic products in the rooms, we strive every day to reduce our consumption of plastic products in all our departments. In the suite, our minibar is 100% plastic free, the glass bottles are sent back to the supplier to be used again. All our new door hangers will be made from our plastic waste by a company called Plastic Projects. 

Our Partnerships

gooday nordic

Gooday is our supplier for shower products, they focus on quality and organic ingredients. It’s 95-98% natural ingredients and vegan, registered in CNPN and all products are produced in the EU. We only work with 500ml bottles, we wash and refill the bottles at the hotel.

Damn Good Coffee Company

We partnered with Damn Good Coffee Compnay to set up a coffee grounds recycling initiative, so nothing delicious goes to waste! The coffee is organic, zero emission transport, our coffee is delivered by bicycle. Zero waste packaging and pick up of coffee grounds.

aeris cocktails

Aeris is a Copenhagen based cocktail brand, handcrafted to the highest of standards. Sustainability is key for Aeris, they have a zero plastic policy and refill options. All our suites mini bars are stocked with Aeris cocktails. The empty bottles are sent back to them and are reused.

plastic projects

We have teamed up with Plastic Projects, located right next to the hotel on our Colbjørnsensgade side. They take our plastic waste and transform them into our new “Do not Disturb” door hangers.

Join our Mission

While we don’t pretend to have it all figured out, we promise to do our best to never be wasteful and to search for greener ways of doing business. However, if you have any suggestions for how we can improve, we would love to hear from you, so please do not hesitate to contact us here