Your eco-friendly hotel in copenhagen

At Hotel Mayfair we are Green Key certified

We always consider how our actions will affect the environment and plan for the long term; we don’t cut corners and want to be proud of all the changes we make. We always try to prioritize quality over quantity. The goal of Hotel Mayfair is to work as green and environmentally friendly as possible and to find a “new luxury” without waste and overconsumption. We work together with Pandox and follow the sustainability policies they have, you can read the Pandox Environmental policy here. For more information about Green key, click here


2 free still and sparkling water stations

Our toilets are designed to use less water, and we have installed new showerhead’s that use less water without compromising the rain shower experience.

We are also looking into installing rainwater storage, this will be part of the hotel’s renovation plan.


Our green electricity is from 100% windmill.

All light bulbs are being changed to LED during our renovation.

All our rooms have a keycard electricity saving switch.

We will be installing motion sensor lighting in all corridors.


We try to produce as little waste as possible, we work with local producers to reduce the amount of packaging.

Our philosophy is to repair products instead of buying new if it doesn’t affect the quality of the product.

Our waste sorting system has been updated in December 2022. We now sort waste in 15 different categories, everything from food to ink toner. All departments have a sorting station.

Food and Beverage

We always strive to use local products as much as we can in all our departments. Doing so also produces less deliveries. Our breakfast has vegetarian and vegan options, we are always working to find better recipes and products so we can improve our food quality. We have no single use products.


We have zero one-time plastic products in the rooms, we strive every day to reduce our consumption of plastic products in all our departments.

In the suite, our minibar is 100% plastic free, the glass bottles are sent back to the supplier to be used again.


We always seek out products in our neighborhood first, and we prefer collaborating with small manufacturers who are closely involved with the products.

For example: Our linen is called Verdi Sand, which is made from organic cotton and certified with an EU-flower scheme.


Our housekeeping company is De 5 stjerner. They are approved by the Nordic Swan and only use chemicals that are approved by them. All our chemicals are scent free.

Elis is our laundry company, which is also approved by the Nordic Swan, which means they use less water, electricity, energy and all the washing detergent is approved.

We are confident that both our cleaning service and laundry provider practice sustainable and environmentally friendly management.

hotel room products

Gooday is our supplier for shower products, they focus on quality and organic ingredients. It’s 95-98% natural ingredients and vegan, registered in CNPN and all products are produced in the EU. We only work with 500ml bottles, we wash and refill the bottles at the hotel.

travel & transportation

We are in the city center; we always recommend our guests to travel by metro or train. The best way of exploring Copenhagen is by bike, which is why we have bikes for rent at the hotel. We also work together with Commuteapp, where you can book a taxi together with other travelers to help reduce emissions.


We consistently include sustainability on the agenda of our meetings because it is one of the most critical parts in strengthening our green focus. We encourage new suggestions from our staff members on how to create a more environmentally friendly workplace.


Electricity in Kwh

Water in L

District Heating in Kwh


Electricity in Kwh

Water in L

District Heating in kwh

Our consumption control system reports consumption every day, and we can see a steady decrease in 2022 compared to 2021,

and we are confident that 2023 will be even better. We calculate our consumption per guest night.

While we don’t pretend to have it all figured out, we promise to do our best to never be wasteful and to search for greener ways of doing business. However, if you have any suggestions for how we can improve, we would love to hear from you, so please do not hesitate to contact us here