Good Morning, Vesterbro: Begin Your Day Right at Our City Center Hotel in Copenhagen

At Hotel Mayfair, we enjoy a good breakfast, that is why we want our breakfast to be the best. Therefore, we have created a breakfast buffet that focuses on organic, homemade, and healthy products to provide you with the best possible morning experience.

 Breakfast Buffet

Our breakfast buffet offers a wide range of local Danish flavours, such as creamy scrambled eggs, freshly pressed juice, crispy bacon, and top-quality cold cuts. And, of course, there’s nothing like a cup of organic coffee from Damn Good Coffee Company to complete your morning. We have also collaborate with a local bakery, ensuring that our guests can always enjoy freshly baked sourdough bread in the morning.

The best part? Our delicious breakfast is open to everyone, so you don’t have to be a hotel guest to indulge your taste buds.

Breakfast Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 06:30-10:00

Saturday-Sunday: 07:30-11:00

Price: 195 DKK

local suppliers

Damn Good Coffee Company

We partnered with Damn Good Coffee Compnay to set up a coffee grounds recycling initiative, so nothing delicious goes to waste! The coffee is organic, zero emission transport, our coffee is delivered by bicycle. Zero waste packaging and pick up of coffee grounds.


We’ve teamed up with team at Bagerdygtt, enjoy their delicious bread delivered daily.

The Organic Food Label

At Hotel Mayfair we have worked hard to obtain the bronze Organic Food Label. This means that 30-60% of all our food and beverages are organic.

Lobby Bar & Garden

Ready to vibe with us? Whether you’re feeling a drink or a snack, our chill bar is the spot to be. Sip on your favorite beverage in our laid-back lounge or soak up the sun outside in our open courtyard. It’s the ultimate chill zone, the perfect cooldown after a hectic day in the city or a pre-game before hitting the streets. We’ve got all the vibes to keep you inspired while you tackle your projects and chat about life.

And don’t worry about missing out on that elusive Danish sun – we like to think of it as our own exclusive VIP guest. It shows up fashionably late, but when it does, it’s the life of the party, just like our Mikropolis Cocktails.

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